Spiritual Direction Offerings

Depending on the individual or group, direction style will vary and evolve into an organic rhythm that may take the form of prayerful conversation, dialogue, or spiritual exercises. 

Individual Direction

As a professional spiritual director, I act as companion in spiritual exploration. My role is to help facilitate an individual’s own discernment of the Spirit moving in their life. Prayerful listening guides my affirmation and discernment of pointed questions, allowing room for the Holy Spirit to flow as the intended “director.”

The first session will be an introduction to one another in which you also describe the reason for your interest in direction.
Sessions are generally once a month for an hour.

Group Spiritual Direction

Individuals meet in facilitated small groups to deepen their relationship with the Divine, with Spirit as the guiding force. Participants engage in a pattern of prayer, sharing and deep listening. Together, in community we hold the space for signs and movement of the Spirit unfolding in one another’s lives. Silence and reflection in group (as opposed to cross-talk and the urge to problem-solve) break open the seeds of our inquiry, by providing the “air and light” essential for new growth.

Groups generally meet once a month for a six-month commitment and agree upon a contract of group interaction.

Focused Group: Spiritual Direction for Women Without Children

Women without children are on a unique path often unrecognized by our society, culture, or faith traditions. Groups are designed to be a source of spiritual endeavor held within the company of women with this shared life experience. Sessions do not necessarily focus on our childlessness, but focus on our spiritual journeys which may offer different passages, different life markers, and different directions from our parenting sisters. These sessions at the same time offer safe companionship for women who innately understand the grief and loss that others may be experiencing. Our spirituality is child-free: Our relationship with God is influenced deeply by this reality. We search for meaning, purpose, and spiritual language to identify our experience. The maternal and divine spirit within us seeks unique ways to nurture ourselves and others in community.

Groups generally meet once a month for a six-month commitment and agree upon a contract of group interaction.

Sessions take place in person:
New York, NY 

Or remote sessions via Skype or Zoom.

Contact Heather for more information, or to schedule a session.